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The Main function of the Re-checking Branch is to do the Re-checking of answer books after declaration of result. Under the system of Re-checking, checking of sum total of marks given by the Examiners on all the evaluated answers is done, besides detailed checking of answerbook is also done to ensure whether any evaluated answer is not left unmarked or whether any answer is left un-evaluated. Keeping in view the future of candidates, Re-checking work is done seriously and cautiously.
The other function of Re-checking Branch is to sale marked answerbooks after floating tenders in various national daily newspapers.
Re-checking form is a priced document which can be easily obtained either from Board's office directly after paying Rs. 10/- at the Board counter or from any of the Regd. book seller existing in Haryana State.
The re-checking of an answer book will be done under Board regulation No. 62. The detailed copies of regulation in English and Hindi script are annexed.
The main guidelines and instructions for getting the re-checking of answer books are given below point wise :-
 The candidate may fill up the form in his/her own handwriting
  The candidate may chalk out the future programme without waiting the result of Re-checking of answer books or he/she may submit the admission form for next higher classes on the basis of his/her previous result.
  Re-checking fee is fixed as Rs. 200/- per answer book.
  Fee deposited for the purpose of Re-checking will not be refunded in any case.
  Incomplete form/received without any prescribed fee will be rejected straightway.
  The Re-checking form with prescribed fee should reach in Board office within 30 days from the declaration of result. Forms received after the expiry of last date will not be entertained. The intimation with regard to late receipt of result/fail card/compartment card or certificate will not be an excuse for sending Re-checking form after stipulated period.
  The facility for re-checking of answer book is only availed subject to availability of answer book. If at any stage the required answer book is not available the marks indicated in the result sheet will be treated as final. In these circumstances the office will not be bound for re-checking of answer book and this office will not be held responsible. The fee deposited will be refunded in these type of cases.
  The candidate will submit the form for re-checking of one or more than one subject on one and the same single form and deposit the required fee in a single stretch.
  The marked answer book will not be shown either to the candidate or his/her parents and guardians at any cost.
  The Bhiwani Courts will be final jurisdiction for litigation in this regard.
The re-checking application form is to be sent to the Board office under Regd. cover superscribing on the envelop Secretary, Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani-127021.
 In case the required information with regard to re-checking of answer book is not received by a letter from the Board office, then the candidate concerned may contact the following Board's officers.
Deputy Secretary (Re-checking) 01664-244171 to 244176 Extn. 139
Assistant Secretary (Re-checking) 01664-244171 to 244176 Extn. 163
Superintendent Re-checking) 01664-244171 to 244176 Extn. 174
  A candidate shall be entitled to have his/her answer books re-checked on payment of a fee of Rs. 200/- per answer book, subject to the following rules or as decided by the Board from time to time.
  (i) Re-checking form duly filled in with prescribed fee for re-checking is received in the Board's office within 30 days of the date on which the result is declared by the Board.
  (ii) Re-checking will be done only to see if the marks awarded to various answers have been correctly added and all the answers have been assessed by the examiner. If no mistake is found, the Assistant Secretary will order the case to be filed and the candidate will be informed accordingly.
  If any mistake is detected after re-checking of answerbook, as provided for in (A) above, the Deputy Secretary will have the power to rectify the result. Re-checking fee of those candidates whose answer books remain unchecked by the office, due to non-availability of answer book will be refundable.
  In case a re-checking form is rejected by the office for having being received after the expiry of the last date the fee will not be refunded in such a case.
Information is provided and Updated by: Board Of School Education, Haryana